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A New Program Helps Farm Workers Gain New Job Skills

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WAYNESBORO,Va. (WHSV)-- The non-profit "Telamon" group is partnering with the Waynesboro Area Learning & Technology Center to bring the National Farmworker Jobs Program back to Waynesboro. The program is paid for by the U.S. Department of Labor, and is designed to help migrant and seasonal farmworkers earn steadier employment. "We also give them job readiness training, which includes: how to present themselves in an interview, how to interview, how to ask for the job, how to dress, and how to identify where the jobs are," said Nelson Diaz, the Telamon program coordinator, "Their family can mirror that individual and follow and say 'If my dad or my uncle or my cousin did it, I can do it as well.'" The office will start offering those services on July 1 at the Waynesboro Area Learning & Technology Center office on West Main Street.

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